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پخت حلیم خیریه کودکان فرشته اند

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درباره خیریه کودکان فرشته اند

The Children are angel’s group has started it’s activities in 1388 and has tried its best to cheer up the children suffering from cancer and their families.The group activities includes : Celebrations in different situations , such as birthday for children in hospital , providing medicines and life supplements for their families ,renovating and changing the decoration of children’s hospitals , providing houses for the patients and their families in need and to equip different sections of these hospitals.

Our purpose is making children happy and helping their families . We invite you to join us in this pious duty as your performance, and visit , or financial helps . We should mention that we are here to serve heartily to these angels and invite you to join us in this chain .

We are trying to help these love ones to protect them and not to be worried about their financial and remedial matters. Our goals for the children who are suffering from cancer includes: Developing the charity into the scale of country, Providing housing for the children in their remedial period, Stablishing a Children’s Remedial Center and providing a relevant connection between all of the charity groups.


  • February 3

    Nurses day ceremony

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    Plant saplings

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